International Competition II

80 min
  • 21.11 at 15:00 Artis 2
  • 19.11 at 21:00 Artis 1

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The Animated Dreams 2015 Official Competition brings together films less than two years old from various continents of the world. Films from Taiwan, Israel, South Korea and from closer European neighbours. A handpicked selection of films represents an overview of short films currently making the rounds on the international festival circuit. Some of them have already won top prizes: others are still waiting for recognition and for titles.


Israel 2015, 4`
DIR, PROD: Chen Winner

The film reflects the ever-present tension between the visible layers of the image and the invisible layers of human perception.


USA 2015, 6`
PROD:  Daniel Gray, Tom Brown

An allegorical tale about neglect, misplaced focus and its consequences.


Switzerland 2015, 11`
DIR: Maja Gehrig
PROD: Ruedi Schick

Teeter-Totter-Town is a Queendom high above the clouds. The subjects, Triangle and Fourangle, suffer from the ups and downs of their little world and would like to get rid of their Queen Bum. Teeter-Totter-Town explodes in an array of fireworks, turns into a raft afloat on stormy seas and finally drifts as a starship through outer space.

Is longing hereditaryIS LONGING HEREDITARY

Germany 2015, 13`
DIR: Gitte Hellwig
PROD: Urs Kind

My grandfather was a radio operator on a fishing boat. When he left my grandmother, my father was twelve years old. He left his photo album to my father. The images tell of his love for the sea. After my grandfather was gone, his love became our longing. Can longing become a sickness?


Switzerland 2015, 18`
DIR: Claudius Gentinetta, Frank Braun
PROD: Claudius Gentinetta

ISLANDER’S REST is a bitter-sweet, affectionate tale of innocence lost, bottled-up desires and the comfort of recycling. “The boat goes out so often it comes back drunk from the sea.” Island saying.

Life is ruggedLIFE IS RUGGED

Germany 2015, 3’
DIR: Simon Schnellmann
PROD: Academy of Media Arts Cologne

Five short sequences about life are linked together by a black point.

We_cant_live_without_Cosmos_(1)-3WE CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT COSMOS

Russia 2014, 15`
DIR: Konstantin Bronzit  
PROD: Alexander Boyarsky

It’s a dramatic story about friendship and invisible links between people.


Estonia 2015, 10’
DIR: Kaspar Jancis
PROD: Kalev Tamm

A film without main characters where the lives of characters that have lost their head intertwine in a dramatic and less dramatic way in an ordinary concrete panel apartment building.